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In October 2016, Ruben Hazelzet moved to Cape Town to work remotely for Soapbox Amsterdam and discover the opportunities to set-up office in South Africa. By experiencing the beautiful nature and the vibrant culture, but also the opportunities Africa holds Ruben’s determination grew to implement behavioural design in Africa.

By facilitating behavioural design workshops for SA firms, sufficient basis was found to start Soapbox’s first foreign office. Setting out to positively impact Africa through behavioural design in the fields of education, healthcare, financial inclusion and sustainability. Yebo!



Ruben Hazelzet

Creative Director & Founder

Yanga Gceya

Account Manager

Annemiek Dekker

Account Manager

Nwabisa Joba

Account Manager (junior)

Cordula Pflügl

Social Media Manager

Sebastian Navas

Graphic Designer

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CPF Account Manager

Soapbox South Africa is looking for an enthusiastic, charismatic and conscious account manager to work on one of our flagship projects: Captain Fanplastic.

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